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Perfect temperature
Perfect humidity
Perfectly clean and fresh
And the only thing more perfect than this outdoor scenario is that it’s all happening inside. Because that’s where we work. That’s where we play, where we sleep, where we truly live.
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FIT Daikin System
What is VRV Life?

Daikin VRV LIFE systems are the industry’s first VRV heat pump with gas furnace connectivity for residential homes. The new VRV LIFE systems offer opportunities that some traditional HVAC systems have challenges with for single family homes.

It is compact and quiet for both the inside and outside of your home. Our Outdoor units run 10 dBA less than traditional HVAC systems and uses up to 75% less outdoor space.

Daikin VRV System

Since 1982, VRV* systems have become the standard for energy savings, flexibility and comfort in your home. VRV air conditioning systems reduce the amount of energy consumed when compared to traditional HVAC ducted systems.
*The name VRV derives from this technology that we call "variable refrigerant volume"

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DAIKIN ONE+ Smart Thermostat
The First Intelligent Thermostat To Offer Two-way Communication
The Daikin One+ thermostat can switch between heating and cooling at the touch of a button, or even automatically if scheduled. There are the usual heat-only and cool-only modes, but in addition Daikin One also has a hassle-free 'auto' mode. With this mode, the thermostat automatically heats or cools to keep your indoor air temperature within a comfort zone.
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The Daikin Fit
A System That FITS Your Comfort
Daikin Fit